The purpose of this kit is to Create A reliable and safe a self launching Glider.
The kit Requires the use of wings and cockpit  fron an existing flaped 15m glider. Some skills, infrastructure, and man-hours, are required, butthe results will be an extremely pleasant and reliable Self Launching Motor Glider.
When fitting the kit to an SW 20 the major tasks are:
The cockpit flange lay up.
Assembly of the kit components.
Control surface linkage adjustments.
Electrical wiring.
Fitting the wing root fillets.
Surface preparation and painting.
Air worthiness inspection, mass and balance.
Test running, taxing, test flying.
The kit contains all the components required to complete the modification except:
The composite materials required for, the cockpit flange and wing root fillet, fitting.
The surface finishing and painting materials and consumables.
Instrument package.

The instrumentation package is optional. On the proto type an ENIGMA from MGL Avionics was used, it has all the required engine monitoring, plus GPS with moving map and full set of flying instruments, and a host or other features. If you wish to use this system the items to order will be listed in the assembly instructions, and it should be ordered direct from MGL Avionics.

The kit consists of

Set of instructions.
Fasteners springs miscellaneous items.
Space frame assy.
Space frame connector flange.
Under cart assy.
Wheel assy.     
Engine with, magneto and alternator, ignition coils, starter motor, water pump voltage regulator, reed valve and ECU pickup.
Engine mountings.
Throttle body, injector, and engine control unit.
Heat exchanger.
Electric fan
Fan to heat exchanger cowling.
Coolant header tank.
Coolant pipes and fittings
Polly-V belt reduction drive assy.
Drive shaft assy.
Propeller blades.
Fuel  tank assy.
Fuel hoses and fittings.
Fuel pump and mounts.
Fin and rudder assy.
Stabilizer and elevator assy.
Tail wheel assy.
Control actuator rods and fittings for: Elevator, Ailerons, Flaps
Air brakes and undercart.
Space frame cover.
Cowl assy.
Sound insulation.
Piano hinges.
Wing root fillets.
Wheel brake cable assy.
Rudder actuator cable assy.
Throttle lever and cable assy.
Cowl actuator and cable assy.
Wiring harness and make off terminals.
Battery hold down components.
Starter relay.
Selector switch, starter button, and 3x circuit breaker switches.
Water temperature probe for ECU.
Instrument panel frame. (Dependant on ASW 20 model)
Instrument panel. (Dependant on instruments being used)